Cabinet Offices in Whitehall and 10 Downing Street.

Cabinet Offices & 10 Downing Street

Following the restoration work we had completed at 5 St James Square we demonstrated an ability to replicate and restore original heritage interiors. We were then recommended to Piggott and Whitfield, the main contractors at the Cabinet Offices in Whitehall and 10 Downing Street.
The works involved restoration of the historic interiors dating from the 16th, 18th & 19th centuries in these Grade I listed buildings. 

Inventive ways of inserting new IT, power, air conditioning and new security requirements into the sensitive interiors, while preserving the historic fabric, required the replication and reinstatement of plaster mouldings to match the existing. 

We took rubber squeezes of the original Georgian Grade 1 Listed cornices and friezes at the Cabinet Offices in Whitehall and 10 Downing Street. From the imprints of the mouldings we sharpened up the enrichments, laid down new models, manufactured rubber moulds and produced new casts for installation. 

All of the access was via the Downing Street Entrance off Whitehall. This required security clearance, advance booking and stringent security checks. Works within 10 Downing Street were required out of hours as the business of Government could not be disturbed. 

Entering in through the famous black door was an honour - the works ran really well and we were afforded a photograph by the security guard!

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