Plaster Restoration and Repair


Revival have restored and repaired some of Britain’s most treasured heritage plasterwork.

Often small areas of original plasterwork must be retained and the adjacent areas replaced using original Lime Plaster and Lathe & Plaster.

Traditionally plaster mouldings were run in-situ with scotch brackets supporting lathes which were built up with coarse layers of horsehair reinforcement topped off with a layer of lime plaster to provide the smooth finish. Enrichments were cast in small repeat sections and added to the plain run mouldings. Repeating this process allows Revival to build up a comprehensive understanding of restoration and repair.

Original mouldings will often need the years of paint removing before squeezes can be taken. Revival have mechanised this process by using a jet of steam to remove the layers of paint to reveal the original details.

Taking a squeeze of original details, often using a silicon rubber, allows a reproduction to be cast and repeated back in the workshop. This work can also be known as ‘matching to existing’ or ‘replication’.

If a building has fallen into a state of disrepair, very often the mouldings will need securing. This can be carried out from above or below, depending on the complexity and construction of the structure.

Revival enjoy restoration work and would be pleased to advise accordingly.